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At Flock, we’re on a mission to make the world quantifiably safer.

As we continue to grow, we’re looking for ambitious and talented individuals to join us.

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Fleet insurance done differently

Companies like Virtuo, elmo, and Jaguar Land Rover trust us to protect their vehicles and drivers with fleet insurance that enables and incentivises better behaviour.

With the backing of the UK government and global investors like Social Capital and Anthemis, we’re building a fully digital insurance company for connected and autonomous vehicles.

If you're excited about what we're working on and believe you can have an impact, find our open roles below.

Why work at Flock?

Join our flock of individuals. Diverse minds working towards a shared goal.

Open Roles
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The Benefits

Professional Development

£500 and 3 days a year to spend on personal development

Flexible Working

Spend time together in our London office and work remotely when it makes sense

Regular Socials

Offsites, lunches, sports and social clubs

Excellent Compensation

Great salaries and stock options for all employees

And much more! Including WeWork all-access to 100s of offices globally, free therapy sessions, a cycle-to-work scheme, a brand new MacBook, and a generous work-from-home budget.

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Our team is our greatest asset

We're making Flock a uniquely brilliant place to work.

More than a job

Business Development Representative

5 yellow stars

“There is a phenomenally positive and focused company culture, and the management are brilliant at providing autonomy within our work. I am constantly encouraged to try new things within the company, work on my own creative projects, and to establish a work-life balance that suits me. “

Really happy here

Senior Software Engineer

5 yellow stars

“If a developer were to ask why they should work at Flock, I'd give them three main reasons: 1. The team. Everyone at Flock is highly driven, dilligent, insightful and fizzing with energy. People aren't afraid to take responsibility and push through tough conversations. Management is trustworthy and acts with integrity...”

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We achieve excellence through diversity

Insurance and technology haven’t traditionally been the most inclusive industries.

At Flock, we’re working hard to change that. By bringing together a diverse group of individuals and opinions, we can bring insurance up to speed with the modern world.

That’s why we encourage applications from all walks of life. We’re looking for the world’s most talented people, irrespective of your race, religion, gender, education, sexuality, or background.

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We're guided by our PRINCIPLES

Customer First

The best solutions come from well-understood problems, so we are forensic in understanding our customers - be they our fleets, brokers, or carrier partners. We are rigorous and well-prepared, maintaining relentlessly high standards. We make decisions with customer outcomes front of mind.

Focus and Bias for Action

We choose the minimum number of important things to work on - then we unleash, embracing a "make it work, then make it better” mentality. We value speed and continuous improvement over perfection and prolonged deliberation; our decision-making is fast and informed, always with a clear end state in mind.

Take Ownership

We proactively identify problems and solutions - and we think long-term, fixing problems so they stay fixed. If we see an opportunity to improve things, we jump on it. We care deeply about our work, holding ourselves and each other accountable for making this company great.


We simplify everything, from our products to the way we work. That doesn’t happen automatically; we delete processes, requirements, and meetings if they’re not absolutely necessary. We speak plainly, prioritising clarity over complexity.

Think Outside the Box

We dare to think for ourselves to find novel solutions. We don’t simply accept the status quo - we always ask “Why?”. We love to experiment, iterate, and learn, and we’re not afraid of failure - we see every mistake as an opportunity to improve. We take calculated risks, and when things inevitably go wrong we reassess quickly - without seeking to pass blame.

Work as a team

We actively search for input and expertise from across Flock; this gets us to the best answer fastest. We over-communicate to keep our colleagues in the loop. We create an inclusive, supportive environment in which people feel comfortable speaking up. Collaboration comes from transparency, trust, and a desire to learn from one another.

Our story so far

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We emerged from academia as a research project into real-time risk analysis for connected vehicles.


We demonstrated our ability to incentivise and enable risk reduction in real-time with the world's first commercial pay-as-you-go drone insurance product.


We set our sights on the commercial motor industry where we believe we can have the biggest impact towards our mission of making the world quantifiably safer.

Roles we're hiring for

If you have any questions, or if you want to work at Flock but can't find the perfect role, please drop us a note on [email protected]