Our story.

Flock was founded on the conviction that insurance was no longer fit for purpose in our fast-moving, hyper-connected world.

So we set out to bridge the gap between the insurance industry of today and the emerging technologies of tomorrow.

In 2018, we started off in the  drone industry using real-time data (like population density and wind speed) to quantify, insure, and mitigate drone flight risks. We have since insured thousands of innovative drone operations globally, from agricultural surveyors to NHS medical delivery flights. Our technology has helped pilots around the world to fly safer, reducing their risk exposure by 15% on average.

In 2020, we expanded into the rapidly evolving world of connected motor fleets. Modern fleets change on a daily basis; expanding, contracting, and adopting the latest technology. They need an insurance policy that’s as agile and data-driven as they are; so we launched Flock Motor, our connected vehicle division offering insurance designed for the 21st-century fleets.

But we’re not done yet. The world is becoming increasingly connected and autonomous, bringing both amazing opportunities and complex risks. As the insurer of the future, Flock will not only pay claims when incidents occur; we’ll help our customers understand and mitigate their own risks, to avoid things going wrong in the first place.

We are on a mission to make the world a safer, smarter place.

Our leadership

Flock is led by an experienced team of strategists, insurance experts and technologists. Join us in building the future of insurance.

Headshot of Ed Leon Klinger, CEO of Flock
Ed Leon Klinger
Headshot of Antton Pena, Founder of Flock
Antton Peña
Founder & CPO
Headshot of Caroline Garrow, Head of Operations at Flock
Caroline Garrow
Head of Operations
Headshot of Sam Golden, Head of Marketing at Flock
Sam Golden
Head of Marketing
Headshot of Christen Smith, Head of Sales at Flock
Christen Smith
Head of Sales