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Drone insurance built with you in mind

Our community helps shape the products and features we build. The result? Fully flexible policies that help organisations of every size fly safer and smarter. Simple, scalable and fully EC785/2004 compliant.


Whatever, whenever and however you fly, Flock has you covered. Scroll down to find the drone insurance for you.

PEACE of mind

All our commercial policies cover UAV hull, equipment and liability as standard. Get more for your money with Flock.


World class customer service and an simple way to let us know if anything goes wrong.

Pay per flight



per flight

For on-demand coverage when you don't fly regularly

What's included?

✓ Single drone
✓ 1 - 8 hour flights
✓ Real-time risk analysis
✓ Up to £35k equipment cover
✓ Up to £10 mil liability

Pay monthly



per month

For seasonal flyers who need  a flexible product

What's included?

✓ Multiple drones
✓ Unlimited flights
✓ Change or cancel anytime
✓ Up to £35k equipment cover
✓ Up to £10 mil liability

Pay annually



per year

For companies who need peace of mind.

What's included?

✓ Multiple drones
✓ Unlimited flights
✓ 1 Month free
✓ Up to £35k equipment cover
✓ Up to £10 mil liability

Speak to our Enterprise team to learn more about unlocking significant savings through our data driven usage based policies and strategic risk partnerships.

"Fly Unlimited has proved invaluable in providing me with full cover in months where I’m doing a lot of aerial filming but still retaining that level of flexibility to pause the cover if I’m flying less or doing other types of filming."

— James, Front Row Films

"Easy to use and comprehensive insurance. Would highly recommend!"

— Calum, Aerial Photographer

"Such a brilliant concept last year was my first year as a commercial operator Flock could have saved me so much money and then need for paying a large premium upfront - also this allows a small operator to cross charge each task - 5 Star Idea"

— Richard Jones

We like the fact that we can undertake a project and get instant cover once all of the risk and weather assessments have been completed without having to take out a full 12 month contract.

— Peter Gilbert

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