Pay-as-you-fly insurance for drones

Insurance just got smarter.
With Flock’s smartphone app you’ll pay for drone insurance only when you need it, and receive a customised policy for your flight. Our real-time pricing is risk-dependent, so the safer you fly, the less you pay. And if something goes wrong? Claim with the tap of a button. It really is that simple.

We're launching later in 2017. Stay in the loop:

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How does it work?

We collect real-time, location-based data, like weather, nearby buildings, ground hazards, NOTAMS and more, to identify the important risks before you fly, and to help you fly the safest flight possible. Are you flying near a busy school? Is it about to rain? Don’t panic; we’ll let you know. So you can relax, and enjoy the flight.

Then we instantly provide pay-as-you-fly liability and equipment insurance that’s tailored to your flight, at the most competitive price possible.

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Why do pilots fly with Flock?

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Price competitive insurance

We understand risk. We turn our insights into savings, and we pass them onto you. Get insured from just £10 per flight. Instantly.
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Fully customisable policies

Commercial or recreational flights. Choose your flight duration and preferred liability coverage. Need to add hull protection? No problem. Flock’s got you covered.
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Immediate proof of insurance

See your real-time price, tap twice, and you’re insured. Show your insurance document to your client. You can even make them pay for it.

Tap, tap, take off

Spend your time flying, not worrying about insurance.

We calculate your Risk Factor and price your insurance on the spot, in the fairest way possible. Or you can always schedule a flight for later using our flight planning tool. When you’re ready to fly, two taps on your phone and you’re ready for take-off, knowing that your drone is fully protected.

And if something goes wrong? No worries. Making a claim is as easy as tapping a button and ticking some boxes.

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We're launching later in 2017. Stay in the loop:

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Want to learn more? Or are you an insurance provider, UTM or regulator?

Flock’s Big-Data driven risk intelligence engine not only provides an on-the-spot risk profile for each and every flight, but also identifies high- and low-risk flight zones, flight types and pilot types. We work with insurers, UTMs, and governments to help keep the skies safe. Do reach out for a chat.