Pay-as-you-fly insurance for recreational pilots

On-demand insurance from £2.95
Short-term cover (from 1-8 hours)
Public Liability insurance (£250,000)
Real-time flight risk assessment

Underwritten by
EC785/2004 compliant
Live customer support

Why do recreational pilots fly with Flock?

Enjoy your favourite hobby with peace of mind. Insure your flight in seconds, for the price of your morning coffee.


Flock's pricing is risk-dependent, so the safer you fly, the less you pay. Simple!


Insure your drone flight for as little as an hour, or up to a day. You decide.


Flock Cover analyses real-time data to provide you with an instant risk assessment.

I fly my drone for fun, do I need insurance?

Whilst it's not a legal requirement for hobbyist drone pilots to have insurance in the UK, it's important to recognise the risks: a flying robot with spinning propellers has the potential to cause some serious damage if something were to go wrong.

That's where the Flock Cover app comes in. Our Public Liability policies cover you against 3rd party claims, giving you peace of mind from the second you take off. What's more, our policies are Underwritten by Allianz, the world's leading aviation insurer.

How Flock Cover works

Insuring your drone flight has never been simpler. All it takes is a matter of taps on your mobile phone.


Choose where and when you want to fly. See your quote change in real-time.


Customise your policy length and equipment cover to suit your needs.


Pay to instantly receive your policy documents by email. Enjoy the flight!

Know your risks before you fly

With Flock Cover you get much more than just an insurance policy. The app analyses real-time data from your Flight Area to generate a unique Risk Report for each flight in seconds. Here's what we look out for:

Inhabited spaces

High-risk buildings such as schools, hospitals, prisons, and densely populated areas.

Ground hazards

Including dangerous areas such as nuclear power plants, military airbases, and busy roads.

Restricted airspace

Be alerted to airports, heliports, and temporary restrictions of airspaces.

Hyperlocal weather

Receive real-time weather updates, such as wind speed and probability of rainfall.

"Fly Unlimited has proved invaluable in providing me with full cover in months where I’m doing a lot of aerial filming but still retaining that level of flexibility to pause the cover if I’m flying less or doing other types of filming."

— James, Front Row Films

"Easy to use and comprehensive insurance. Would highly recommend!"

— Calum, Aerial Photographer

"Such a brilliant concept last year was my first year as a commercial operator Flock could have saved me so much money and then need for paying a large premium upfront - also this allows a small operator to cross charge each task - 5 Star Idea"

— Richard Jones

We like the fact that we can undertake a project and get instant cover once all of the risk and weather assessments have been completed without having to take out a full 12 month contract.

— Peter Gilbert

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