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In these trying times, we believe everyone should do what they can to help overcome this pandemic. That’s why we’re providing £10,000 of free insurance to organisations globally using drones in the fight against coronavirus.
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Flock Covid-19 Initiative : Criteria for Free Insurance

Benefit is capped to £1,000 of premium per organisation
Organisation must be domiciled in the UK/EU
All pilots under the policy must be over the age of 18 and eligible to operate a drone
Organisation must be a licenced drone operator (PfCO or equivalent)
Organisation must be carrying out activities in relation to the Covid-19 retaliation effort
Organisation can have a maximum of 10 drones and 10 named pilots covered by the policy
Organisation can have a maximum total insured value of £100k and a maximum hull in the air at any one time of £50k
Organisation can have a maximum liability limit of £5m
Organisation must provide Flock with all flight logs for activities carried out under the cover of this policy
Any underlying insurances in place must inure
to the benefit of the Flock policy Underwriting subject to standard Allianz T&Cs